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Coronavirus Covid-19 – information about our services at Surrey Pain Doctors 

This period of uncertainty that we are in, as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, is a worrying and unsettling time for us all. We recognise that facing this whilst living with chronic pain can be especially difficult.

Please be reassured that, at this time, Surrey Pain Doctors will continue to provide professional patient centred multidisciplinary care and support to the best of our abilities, supporting you to live well with your chronic pain.

Can I still access Surrey Pain Doctors services during the Coronavirus epidemic?

We are offering telephone consultations for our patients and are able to arrange video calls if necessary.

This type of consultation is appropriate for both new and existing patients.

If necessary and in accordance with Government advice, we may still be able to arrange face to face consultation is required according to clinical need.

Will my health insurance provider support telephone consultations?

The insurance companies are supporting telephone appointments at this time. Please check with your individual insurer for specific guidance.

What if I am self-isolating or unwell at the time that my GP referral is accepted?

We can arrange telephone consultation if you wish or, if you prefer to wait, the insurance companies are honouring the referral for three months. Please check for clarity with your individual provider.

What can I expect from a telephone consultation?

We will assess and plan your pain management care according to your individual needs incorporating the following aspects as required:

Medicines advice and recommendations



Psychological support

Interventional treatments as necessary in accordance with guidance from our governing bodies and partners in healthcare provision

Follow up arrangements

Ongoing advice as required

Whilst conducting over service remotely, we continue to offer confidentiality, adherence to GDPR regulations and our patient consent protocols.  

How will my GP be informed of my treatment plan after consultation?

We maintain communication of outcomes and plans to our patients and their GPs, during this time, as per our usual practice.

Can I still be referred for imaging at this time?

The decision to refer you for MRI or CT imaging will be made according to clinic need, in accordance with Government advice and that of our local partners, who provide these services.

How can I contact Surrey Pain Doctors?

Sue House – Secretary to Dr Dutta and Dr Hart (01932) 751293 or or 

or if more convenient please contact us via our medical secretaries at Surrey Total Health Tel: 0800 160 1232